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Making the Band

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hola Total Medulla followers, Guido here.

Today I wanted to talk about Total Medulla’s next big project. Devonte and Nader are currently working on an music album, and yes Devonte has gone full Donald Glover.

During a run the other day me and Devonte talked about the album, the aspirations, the expectations, and the long, arduous road ahead. Devonte told me that the idea for this album came about by simple coincidence. While he had always loved music he had never thought he was good enough to create music (not that it ever stopped anyone; just look at Justin Bieber). Devonte realized that he could create music, he just needed someone to help him put it together; much like a writer he needed an editor. Nader was this editor, the Ryan Lewis to Devonte’s Macklemore if you will.

Think about how this came about, Devone just created some beats and sent them over for Nader to check out, Nader in turn rearranges the beats and loops them to create a new sound, and then Devonte hears this and realizes this is what he was missing. Music is full of stories like this, unscripted moments that created timeless classics.

One of my favorite stories comes from the Beatles, because of course the Beatles invented music.

Not you Ringo

On "A Day in the Life” you can hear an alarm clock right after the orchestra crescendo and right before Paul’s part. This was not planned, the alarm clock just happened to be in the studio as a joke and happened to go off at the right time. There are other cool little stories like this. The “Turn it up” verse in Sweet Home Alabama at the beginning of the song is there because Ronnie Van Zant didn’t realize his mic was on yet and wanted the guitar to be louder; or Billie Joe Armstrong messing up the chords to Time of Your Life and saying “Fuck!” before finally getting it right; and of course the most successful unscripted moment in music history being the time Ella Fitzgerald forgot the lyrics to Mack the Knife and decided to basically freestyle it like the gangsta she was while also adding some amazing scatting to it, this improvisation was so great it went on to win two Grammys remembering lyrics is for chumps.

I could go on for literally pages because I find this topic fascinating. Think about it, all these little moments we take for granted might just change the way people see the world some day. Devonte and Nader met by pure chance while working at PBS and that moment may have changed music forever.

As far as the music they have created it is a soulful, funky beat reminiscent of old school R&B. Let’s just say it would put Apollo and his lyre to shame, or for a more timely example: Usher would tremble after hearing it.