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Information Security Basics

What is information security? Information security is a system used to protect information from getting into the hands of unauthorized users by controlling access. Organizations develop a plan for information security based on their specific needs. Organizations may create plans to secure information. A successful information security plan defends, detects, and deters attackers.

In what instances would information protection be important and why?

Information protection would be important in instances such as when businesses collect personal information. Especially businesses within the financial and health sectors. Information protection is also important for individuals. In both business and personal aspects, information protection is important to secure privacy, and control how data is being used. Also, information is an asset that attackers would readily seek to access. When information remains unprotected, breaches occur which have severe consequences for the stakeholders of the information (individuals, companies, organizations). Specialized or confidential information may be released, access of one’s website may be withheld (Denial of Service) resulting in financial loss, or actual financial theft may occur.

In 2000, 3.7 million customer credit card numbers were stolen from Egghead Software. Once news outlets reported the story, masses of customers dropped the service; stocks and sales also dropped. Egghead Software subsequently went bankrupt and e-commerce giant,, acquired the company. That case was back in 2000. Today, it was reported that Universal Health Services (UHS) suffered a denial of service attack by hackers who blocked access to their networks. UHS computer systems began crashing over the weekend. More detail about the breach was reported by The Hill.

Are there ways we can protect our information or is it impossible with today's online world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.